Maybe it’s the 2 bouts of flu and now the cold I have contended with over the last 7 weeks.

Maybe it’s how crappy and weird the weather has been during that same 7 weeks.

Maybe it’s the realization that all of my Facebook friends don’t want to hear every inane thought that comes into my head so maybe I should find some place to put those where they can avoid them if they want to without blocking me on the Facespacey.

Maybe it’s the blanket I finally finished knitting for my mother-in-law with the thought, “gee, I’d actually kind of like to blog this.”

But I miss having a blog and decided after almost a year without one that maybe I’d give it another go. I’ve got a lot of projects half-started right now and a lot of things that I am just learning how to do (and still in the failing-miserably stage). When I blogged before, I liked being able to go back and see an evolution of sorts as I slowly got better at some things and cut my losses with others. So here I am again.




  1. Hi! Yay, blogs! (I follow you on Go Mighty, in case you’re wondering how I got here!)

    I love my blog, even tho I don’t always write it in very often (or very well, ha) the act of writing things down as a way to preserve them is very satisfying 🙂 So hurrah, I am glad you have decided to blog again because Life List people are my kind of people and I cannot. get. enough.

    Whoop! 🙂

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