ATE / DRANK / MADE / DID : Stuff other people did while I was watching TV

I’m no longer Catholic, but I was thinking about giving up TV for Lent. I’ve lately binge-watched 3 seasons of The Wire, Luther and Wallander … It’s starting to affect my sleep. My one hangup with committing? Lent ends on April 17. Game of Thrones Season 4 starts on April 6. While I waffle over my commitment to watching less television, here is some awesome stuff other people are doing …



  • Em reviewed Bell’s Amber as only she can. I haven’t kept up with beer since I’ve gotten into cocktails; her reviews are how I figure out what to buy at the store these days.
  • Erik Ellestad introduces a different kind of milk punch – basically, you “break” the milk and then strain out the solids … apparently, it’s delightful.





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