Spring skiing

I took a quick break not just from the interwebs but from my regular life to go skiing with friends in Utah last week.

I hadn’t been on skis in at least five years and I’ve only been about a half dozen times in my life. We went for a day every year or two for the 5 years we lived in Wisconsin. Skiing in the Midwest involves learning to handle a lot of ice on a hill and runs that take about ten minutes to run from top to bottom. Utah? Real snow! And half an hour to ski it from top to bottom (the downside being when you’re exhausted and still at the top of the mountain, the run ahead of you feels really daunting). I’ve jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet, but I’d never skied from that height before.

The pictures above were taken on our third of three days skiing, and the weather was perfect. My first two days skiing – Wednesday and Thursday – were a little rough (6,000 ft above sea level + 5 years off skis + 8 hours of skiing + 1.5 dead toenails + 1 turned ankle). But we rested on Friday and I was good to go on Saturday, and I had the best time. I ran blues with my group most of the day, which surprised me (I’m generally a green skier).



  1. I’ve never been skiing before – I have “take a ski lesson” on my Life List but I am such a mega clutz just, y’know, walking around that I am concerned about the potential extra damage I could do while strapped to some planks of wood 😉

    1. It takes a few times to really get the hang of it – and I never took a lesson, which is probably not the best way to go. But it’s really fun when you start to get it!

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