Thirsty Thursday: High West Campfire

There are some whiskeys that make me clap my hands together and giggle like a schoolgirl. And there are some whiskeys that just make me pause, smile, sigh and sit back like I’m in a whiskey commercial (but not the ones with Mila Kunis being all “I’m just like the dudes and I wear a jumpsuit and have a brand with my name on it so I can claim my own barrel and shit” because seriously, ladies: we can drink better whiskey than that).

I giggle like a schoolgirl when I find High West Campfire on a shelf and do my whiskey commercial shtick when I drink it. It has all the things I like in one whiskey: whiskey, whiskey and whisky. Or, more specifically: bourbon, rye and scotch. Bourbon. Rye. Scotch. Yes, yes and yes.

You get a nice gentle whiff of fruit and smoke when you inhale; and when you sip, a little bit of peaty chewiness (rather than the intense wallop you get from scotch on its own), some nice vanilla & butterscotch flavors from the bourbon and a little snap and spice from the rye.

It’s all the things I like about each one but kinder, gentler and TOGETHER. It’s balanced very nicely so you aren’t overwhelmed by any type of whiskey’s character but still taste all of them. Which is why I like it prepared very simply in a hot toddy or – even better – just pouring a two fingers in a (wee robot) glass.

Nuanced reviews here and here.



  1. Oh, I haven’t tried the Campfire yet – sounds marvelous. Have you had the pleasure of sampling the Rendezvous or Son of Bourye? Both are excellent. Uh oh, it’s 8:43 in the morning and I’m smacking my lips and dreaming of whiskey…

    1. I’ve had the Rendezvous (fantastic – they do it right at High West) and I keep eyeing the Bourye at the liquor store but haven’t had it yet … and it’s never too early to contemplate whiskey!

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