I wanna take you to the YarnCon! YarnCon! YarnCon!

Once upon a time, Dan and I ad libbed new lyrics to Electric Six’s “Gay Bar” (the video, if you’re curious – unless you work at a gay bar, it’s probably pretty NSFW) and made it “Yarn Store” … it’s funny. Um … to us.

Let’s knit a scarf
Knit a really warm scarf
At the yarn store, yarn store, yarn store – WOOOOW!

You get it. Anyway … I have fallen off the knitting wagon the last year or two. I started a sweater early last year which remains unfinished. I knit a cowl on the plane on the way to Utah that’s just sitting around and waiting for me to weave the ends in. My mother-in-law’s blanket is the only project I’ve started and completed in the last year.

I used to knit several projects  a month, have multiple projects going at once, and I met up with a knitting group a couple times a month. Yesterday was the first time I’d seen my knitting group in a very long time and I felt a little sad that I’d let so much time go by.

Every year in Chicago for the last … 6? 7? … years, there is YarnCon, “Chicago’s indie fiber fair.”

Hand-dyers, spinners, makers, artists … they display, they buy, they sell, they demonstrate, they teach, they learn … all gathering for the love of yarn. I hadn’t been in a few years, but I got the reminder email earlier this week and this seemed like a good year to return to my tribe. And I did. With enthusiasm.

Usually when I go to YarnCon, I take a few laps through all the booths (the first lap involves adjusting to the sensory overload and touching everything) and then I select the one special skein that will go home with me.

This year I went hog wild and bought 3 skeins. Two hand-dyed from near my old Wisconsin stomping grounds. One hand-dyed handspun created a few towns over from where I grew up.

two hand-dyed skeins from Hearthside Fibers. one hand-dyed handspun from Esther’s Place

If you’re in Chicago and you want to check out some yarn, YarnCon is going on today, too.

I wanna spend all your money … at the YarnCon, YarnCon, YarnCon!


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