Month: June 2014


I keep this as a general blerg about my life and hobbies which can make¬†it challenging for others with specific interests to get into, but gives me a lot to talk about in general. I just haven’t been that great about, you know, putting any of that stuff on here with anything resembling consistency.

In fact, it’s been about 6 weeks since I crossed the border. I’ve taken my time about writing it up – in part because I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures, and in part because I was working for the majority of the 5 days I spent there.

Despite living only 4 or so hours from the border for a few years, I’d never been to Canada before.

I ate a lovely dinner in Old Montreal where the bilingual raw bar gentleman let me have an oyster and a beautiful scallop crudo.

I saw Cirque du Soleil and despite not understanding a word of French, I loved it to bits. I had some reservations about spending that kind of money on a ticket (particularly as someone who’s a bit coulrophobic) but I clapped my hands and gasped and laughed like child and I’d do it again.

I walked a few miles to a Jewish neighborhood for AMAZING bagels (I bought two thinking I’d have one for breakfast the next day and ate them both immediately).

I hiked to the top of Mount Royal and got quite lost on my way down.

I ate crepes. The shop girls were absolutely adorable and one couldn’t believe I didn’t speak French because I look “artistic” … “It’s a compliment” … Indeed, adorable shop girl. Indeed. They very kindly translated their crepe options from the menu board for me, made me one of the best decaf cups of coffee I’ve had, and gave me one of the best, most relaxed afternoon travel breaks I’ve had.

I avoided poutine like the plague – it’s not friendly to lactose-intolerant folks and I still have nightmares about horseshoes from the two years I spent in Central Illinois.

And I’m now looking forward to another northern¬†foray in my future …