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Some days call for cookies

It’s not been the most fun couple of weeks. First Charlie Hebdo & the other insanity in Paris, which was completely heartbreaking. That same night my grandpa died in Texas. Two days later I left for Israel for a week of rather heated arguing and insomnia. And a week later, my grandpa and I and most of the rest of the family were back in Illinois for his¬†funeral. We’re all trying to catch our breath and remember which way is up.

I believe this week may call for a little bit of therapeutic baking. Cookies? Cake? Muffins? Not sure exactly what kind of baking will cure what ails me this week … what kind of baked goods help a rough start to a year?


Holiday hello

Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

I’ve been away for a while … I took Spanish classes, started teaching knitting, spent a LOT of time drinking up the summer in the city, hung out with my brand new nephew and family from out of state, caught up with old friends, caught a friend’s art show, made new friends, killed a bunch of moths … it’s been a little bananas around these parts. And they aren’t really going to quiet down for another month or so either.

So until I make it back around, a happy new year to all – here’s to new beginnings!


Interlude: Medieval Times

Scene: early morning, dragging our feet about getting out of bed after it has snowed yet again.

D: Last night, I had a dream …
A: …that Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream came true?
D: No, I …
A: Racist.
D: ¬†… I dreamt that I was on vacation, but, like, we were being attacked and it was people from medieval times …
A: Were they attacking you with chicken legs and bad costumes?
D: … *sigh* Not THAT Medieval Times. And it’s not that funny.
A: Did the blue knight win?
D: Wench, stop interrupting my story!

via Medieval Times

ATE / DRANK / MADE / DID : Stuff other people did while I was watching TV

I’m no longer Catholic, but I was thinking about giving up TV for Lent. I’ve lately binge-watched 3 seasons of The Wire, Luther and Wallander … It’s starting to affect my sleep. My one hangup with committing? Lent ends on April 17. Game of Thrones Season 4 starts on April 6. While I waffle over my commitment to watching less television, here is some awesome stuff other people are doing …



  • Em reviewed Bell’s Amber as only she can. I haven’t kept up with beer since I’ve gotten into cocktails; her reviews are how I figure out what to buy at the store these days.
  • Erik Ellestad introduces a different kind of milk punch – basically, you “break” the milk and then strain out the solids … apparently, it’s delightful.




February 22, 2002 I met Dan in a basement dive bar.

February 22, 2008 I married Dan legally in our townhouse’s basement and ceremonially in another basement bar.

We have a thing for basements apparently, but we celebrated our 12th / 6th anniversary above ground. First a bit before the fact with partner yoga for Valentine’s Day …

Happy trees

… and then for our actual anniversary, brunch at The Bristol (delicious … they deep fry their breakfast potatoes) and dinner at Balena (good cocktails).

I like having him around.


Maybe it’s the 2 bouts of flu and now the cold I have contended with over the last 7 weeks.

Maybe it’s how crappy and weird the weather has been during that same 7 weeks.

Maybe it’s the realization that all of my Facebook friends don’t want to hear every inane thought that comes into my head so maybe I should find some place to put those where they can avoid them if they want to without blocking me on the Facespacey.

Maybe it’s the blanket I finally finished knitting for my mother-in-law with the thought, “gee, I’d actually kind of like to blog this.”

But I miss having a blog and decided after almost a year without one that maybe I’d give it another go. I’ve got a lot of projects half-started right now and a lot of things that I am just learning how to do (and still in the failing-miserably stage). When I blogged before, I liked being able to go back and see an evolution of sorts as I slowly got better at some things and cut my losses with others. So here I am again.