Interlude: Mother’s Day, for the intentionally childless

Scene: early morning on Mother’s Day

A: So, what’s for breakfast?
D: You’re taking me out, remember?
A: Oh yeah. Wait – why am I taking you out on Mother’s Day?
D: … Uh … for not making you a mother?

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.


Interlude: Medieval Times

Scene: early morning, dragging our feet about getting out of bed after it has snowed yet again.

D: Last night, I had a dream …
A: …that Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream came true?
D: No, I …
A: Racist.
D:  … I dreamt that I was on vacation, but, like, we were being attacked and it was people from medieval times …
A: Were they attacking you with chicken legs and bad costumes?
D: … *sigh* Not THAT Medieval Times. And it’s not that funny.
A: Did the blue knight win?
D: Wench, stop interrupting my story!

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