granny square

Grand Granny Square

Knitting is my sport. I’m ┬ánot much of a crocheter (crochetess? crochetrina?). But the one thing I can do with a crochet hook and yarn is make a granny square. So when I finished my mother-in-law’s blanket, I started in with what remained of the yarn on one huge granny square to make a new throw for the living room.

I finished it last week. Took it for a test drive one night when Dan’s snoring drove me out of bed. A couple of my roommates helped me try it out.

I didn’t start it with any kind of plan – I just sort of picked a color and then picked whatever looked good for the next color when I ran out of one. It ate up a lot of yarn and it’s actually quite warm.

It reminds me of the afghans we used to have in our living room growing up.